United Trade Links excels in high-quality brick cleaning. We are a purely Australian-based company with over decades of experience in all areas of brick cleaning. Our growing business has an excellent customer base that can rely on our services again and again.

Brick cleaning is a process generally used in construction industry to describe the method of removing mortar splashes and excess of cement after the brick laying. This job is generally conducted on the building site prior to practical completion.  Our brick cleaning experts can aslo provide other types of brick cleaning in Sydney including the removal of white stains on bricks or the green tinge on cream bricks.

The soiling on bricks can be complex, and is generally formed from the deposits of atmospheric particulates, efflorescent salts, mortar spreads, paint and graffiti, bird droppings or anti pigeon gels. At United Trade Links, we understand which type of soiling you may have on your brickwork and will provide you the cost-effective solution for you.  Our brick cleaning experts apply a wide range of techniques and advanced equipment to do the job right first time.

We provide brick cleaning throughout Sydney including areas of Sydney Metro, Sydney CBD,  Campbelltown, Penrith, Blue Mountains, Canberra Act,Wollongong, Goulburn,  New castle, Mittagong,  Jervis Bay, Central Coast, Nelsons Bay and Maitland.  Our specialists  identify the stains quickly ad apply the right chemicals and use high-pressure cleaning to remove any remaining residue.

Call us on 1300 698 559 or email us on info@unitedtradelinks.com.au to discuss your brick cleaning needs. Our brick cleaning experts will act promptly on your query and provide you the best brick cleaning in Sydney.