United Trade Links is a well-established Sydney-based business with excellent repute in the field of epoxy grouting in Sydney. We apply resin-based epoxy grout to existing tiles to add more strength and durability. We help you create a durable, stain-resistant, mould-proof grout lines to save you maintenance, cleaning and the risk of bacterial and mould growth.

Epoxy grout is the grout that seals the joints of the tiles and ensures there is no growth of mold and mildew. It is ideal for areas with high humidity including your bathroom, and kitchen. Epoxy grout is different from the popular type of grout which consists of cement powder which is dissolved in water. It is made of epoxy resins and a filler powder. The biggest advantage of epoxy grout is its durability. Unlike others grouts, it does not absorb any water and is water resistant. So you will not have the hassle to rub dirt from the joints.

At United Trade Links, we can help you choose from a wide selection of colour options so that the epoxy grouts blends with the tiles in your kitchen, bathroom or swimming pool.  Homeowners and commercial owners who are tired of scrubbing the stains, mould and mildew off their grout will definitely have a better experience with epoxy grouting in Sydney.

As a tile grouting specialists in Sydney, we provide exceptional epoxy grout solutions to our clients Sydney-wide including Campbelltown, Penrith, Blue Mountains, Canberra Act, Wollongong, Goulburn,  New castle, Mittagong, Jervis Bay, and Central Coast

Email us on  info@unitedtradelinks.com.au call us now on 1300 698 559 to discuss your epoxy grouting needs.