Trust United Trade Links to have professional long lasting services to your grout and tile problems. We use proven methods and techniques to achieve remarkable results for your grout repair project for your tile re-grouting needs.

Re-grouting is a process in which the old grout lines between the tiles, floor and walls are removed and after that new ones are grouted.  The process involves a number of steps and, we at United Trade Links are equipped with right knowledge, experience, skills and equipment to complete grout repair and  tile-re-grouting in a professional way.

The common reasons for tile re-grouting include leaking showers and balconies, cracked, stained, crumbled or missing grout lines. You may also go for this process if you want to change the colour of the grout. Our grout repair & tile re-grouting services in Sydney is perfect for your bathrooms, showers, floors, pavers, patios, pools surrounding and both external and internal walls.

United Trade Links have re-grouted thousands of old tiles and repaired several grouts. All affected areas are closely inspected by our trained professionals and old grout is removed using specialist equipment. Then the grout lines are repaired and cleaned and new grout is installed. Once the grout is dry, it is sealed using a quality sealer.

At United Trade Links we provide professional grout repair & tile re-grouting services in Sydney. We use only high-quality grouts that come in a huge collection colours. We serve all over Sydney.

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