United Trade Links are specialists in providing silicone seal replacement services in Sydney. We can strip and replace your silicone to make it look fresh and new-like again.

Generally, silicone is used in corner of tiled walls, around floor edging, shower recess, vanity and spa bath edging. It offers a water tight seal in areas that are exposed to water on daily basis. It prevents water from entering the walls and floor surface. Use of it around shower recesses, vanities and baths offer water proofing. But over time, silicone can lose colour, attract mould, peel or stain in rare condition.  When it starts to show discolouration, you need to rely on silicone seal replacement experts at United Trade Links. Our silicone seal replacement services in Sydney will help you replace silicone seal in the best possible manner.

United Trade Links are passionate about the quality we deliver. We take pride in delivering excellent results. We follow a very comprehensive process to make things right first time. We have distributed the entire work into different important steps.  All silicone areas are inspected for damage and the damaged silicone is removed using special equipment. Then the joints are cleaned with a cleaning agent and dried. New silicone is installed and smoothed out to a professional finish.

At United Trade Links, our experts pay professional attention to make sure the installation is done properly. We understand that silicone seal replacement is a slow process and if the process is improperly carried, it may lead to permanent damage to the property.

Contact us on 1300 698 559 or email us on info@unitedtradelinks.com.au for all your silicone replacement needs. We will ensure we provide you with a quality replacement that will last for years to come.